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Madrassah Admission Form

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I have read and fully understood the Madrassah Terms and Conditions below and hereby apply for admission of my child to Madrassah Anwarul Quran.


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Madrassah Terms and Conditions

In the name of Allah The Most-Beneficent The Most Merciful

1. I understand that my child must adhere to the dress code as specified by the governing body. Any clothing/style of hair which the institute deems inappropriate will be immediately addressed in which the institute will seek full co-operation from the parents.

2. I agree to pay the admission fee upon the registration of my child. After which a set fee will be collected on a monthly basis by the Madrassah.

3. Students are required to attend Madrassah regularly and punctually. Any absence should be explained in writing to the teacher by the parent/guardian only.

4. I understand that my child will not be given leave for attending functions and events etc., during Madrassah hours.

5. I understand and will fully co-operate upon the teachers decision to impose any of the following penalties if an act of indiscipline has been committed by my child: expulsion, suspension, detention, standing up for a period of time or writing lines.

6. If I have any complaint, query, suggestion or comment, I will ensure that it will be made in writing to the governing body, or I will make an appointment with the Principal. I agree not to approach or intimidate the teachers during Madrassah hours, or at their residence in any way.

7. In case of violation of the instruction of the teacher, indulging in any activity derogatory to Islam or the prestige and honour of the Madrassah (may it be inside or outside the premises), or insolence or violation of the discipline of the classroom, the teacher has the right to order (on the spot) the defaulter to leave the premises and suspend the child from the class and report the child’s case to the Principal for action.

8. If my child has a medical condition which is likely to affect their Madrassah education, I will inform the Madrassah by providing a Doctor’s certificate.

9. I agree to attend meetings when required to do so to ensure the best possible education, behaviour and upbringing of my child.

10. Under certain circumstances, the governing body reserves the right to refuse admission (and re-admission) to any child.

11. If upon the neglect of any of the above terms and conditions, I agree to co-operate fully with the decision the institute makes.

12. These regulations shall come into immediate effect and will hold validity until further notice.